Winter Pride


Isla Mundial SL


Website, Printing, Social Media & App

Winter Pride Maspalomas uses all services Montevino is specialised in.

Winter Pride Maspalomas started in 2014 and has grown rapidly into one of Europe´s favourite Pride celebrations with over 50.000 visitors in 2019. 

Montevino arranges all visuals for this massive LGTB event: outdoor advertising, website and mobile app development, poster and flyers, banners, brochures, stationary, video and photo editing and merchandising.

Stage Decoration

Montevino designed and produced the large format printing used at the Winter Pride main stage area including sound towers, beach flags, VIP Area and digital content for LED and projection screens,

Online Store

The Winter Pride ticket shop has been developed with the WordPress platform, using the Woocommerce and Stripe plugins.


The official Winter Pride poster, pool parties flyers, sponsor brochures, evaluation report, ID badges, invoice templates, VIP wristbands and more were designed and produced,

Photo & Video

One of the most important post marketing tools are the photo and video material. A team of professionals were guided by Montevino to guarantee the style and quality visual material.

Large Format Printing

A few hundred square meters of banners are designed and printed for each edition and include information towers, sound towers, lightpole flags, photocalls, sponsor banners and more.


Hundreds of hours of video material is recorded during one week of activities and needs to be brought back to an aftermovie video of 5 minutes. Reflecting the amazing ambiance and high quality of the event are the main objectives when editing the aftermovie. Have a look yourself!

The Official Winter Pride Maspalomas posters